About me

Chen Yuhang / AKA. Brother Xing / yuhangch ️

I have many hobbies, but I can’t play them well. /🏀/⚽️/🏸/🎮/

The highlight of my life is winning the first prize in the mathematical modeling competition for postgraduate students.

When I was a child, I loved history and planned to do related things when I grew up. Now I can only watch videos and lectures to satisfy my appetite.

I do some work related to maps, and I have some knowledge of the web technology stack (but not much

I like the old school style of the pre-Internet era, which is also a reason for this blog site. However, the taste is not right after making some changes, as more and more ‘modern’ elements have been added, such as the two icon buttons in the upper right corner.

About this site

The reviews page has been completed in its prototype, with the following general path:

Scoring through IMDB, exporting the ‘csv’ using a public interface, and inserting it into a similar structure of R1 Table using a script. The advantage of this solution is that you can display your own ratings and maintain your movie list using both IMDB web/app methods. The disadvantage is that the export of the csv file seems to require authentication, which is not conducive to automation. For comments, we use a foreign key to link to a certain moments in the table to complete the comment jump. The whole process is quite cumbersome, and I am not very satisfied with it. How to optimize this process as the goal of subsequent updates.

Watching TV

Recently, I have been watching the TV series “The Wild East” with my wife. In the early and middle stages of the drama, I could still see the shadow of ordinary people’s struggle, but in the later stages, in order to highlight the legend, the protagonist’s aura was somewhat unreasonable.

I have only seen two movies recently, “Mistakes by the River” in the theater and “The Last Truth” at home. I can’t make a more intelligent comment on “art” at my level, but the reviews can be found on the moments/reviews pages.


Recently, I have been playing basketball more and more, and physical strength is a big problem. The next step is to consider how to improve my physical fitness.


I successfully cleared the game in the first run, but I didn’t want to go straight to the second run. As a player who first played as a wolf, I slowly got used to the new turn-based system of rolling instead of blocking. Except for the final boss, I basically didn’t have any difficulty with the other bosses. The size is larger, but it does not directly improve the game experience. Instead, it increases the level of imprisonment during the map running process, so much so that due to not wanting to run the map, I am ready to stay away from the first Souls game.

I bought the disc of the Ring of the Eldest, but at first the PS5 disc dropped frames to the point where it was impossible to play. In desperation, I finally bought the PS4 disc, which continued to be stuck.

Updated on 2023-11-22.